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GT NX-700B Vertical Money Counting Machine

1 pieces Per Case

1 pieces Per Display


GT NX-700 B High quality Vertical Money Counting Machine

  • 1 X External Display
  • 1 X Cleaning Brush
  • 1 X Dust Cover
  • 120 X Adhesive Bill/Money Straps

  • About: 
  • Energy Saving: Power consumption operating modes of less than 90W when working and less than 3W when idle
  • Powerful & Quiet: Works up to 2 continuous hours while counting 1200+ bills per minute. Ultraviolet (UV) and Magnetic (MG) sensors allow system to work quietly with noise levels less than 60 dB.
  • Efficient: LOADS ON TOP, Counting up to 1200 bills per minute. Accurate and precise sorting with a miss counterfeit detection rate of 1/100000.
  • Proven Success & Support: Backed by 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, Top selling money counting machine on amazon for years with MOST positive reviews.
  •   Valuable: Come with one DUST COVER, one pack of ADHESIVE BILL STRAPS, one CLEANING BRUSH, and REPLACEMENT PARTS *** Please note: This bill counter counts how many bills in the stack, not the monetary value total ***